• Introduce yourself! …And you certainly don’t have to be a synesthete to participate in the Nexus community!

is it synesthesia?

  • Wondering if what you have or what you’ve read about is really synesthesia? Ask here!

general questions about syn:

  • Use this folder if you have general questions about synesthesia. For more specific topics, please see below.

general comments & thoughts on syn:

  • Use this folder if you have general comments or thoughts on synesthesia. For more specific topics, please see below.

student or media research, surveys, and projects:

  • For those writing papers, doing research projects, etc. who are looking for test subjects, personal data, and so on. This folder is not for general questions; it’s only meant for you to find individual synesthetes or groups of synesthetes to help with your papers/projects.

gaining, changing, or losing syn:

  • Have you taken drugs that either gave you synesthesia or killed your synesthesia? Have you lost or gained synesthesia in some other way?

exploring syn:

  • Interested in seeing if you can generate or enhance synesthetic responses based on specific activity questions? Try it out, share your experiences, and request others try out ideas you have and report back. (No talk of experimentation with drugs is allowed, and please leave spiritual experiences in the religion and random folders. Thanks!)

syn support & real-life dialog:

  • Do you have problems with others (or yourself) relating to your/others’ synesthesia? Need advice on how to tell others, how to understand others, how to deal with what responses you get, how to deal with disbelief, etc.? Just need synpathy? Post your questions, comments, or suggestions!

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